Welcome to Barkowo Ecovillage.

Barkowo Ecovillage is:
– Social initiative aiming to achieve local sustainability in complete harmony with nature,
– Center of deployment, development and promotion of eco-friendly technologies based on open-source license.
– School of sustainabily, permaculture and survival
– Place for meetings, trainings, workshops, inspiration, recreation and artistic expression.

Values ​​in Ecovillage:
Ethical vegetarianinm, driven by compassion for all sentient beings.
Deep Ecology – driven by care for the local and global community, biodiversity, ecosystem, planet, and future generations.
Freedom from addictions – especially from those bothersome like alcohol, tobacco, drugs…
Consensus – the decision-making model in which each member of the community has an equal right to vote, and all decisions are adopted only with the consent of all.
Natural Economy – open sharing of knowledge and experiences, as well as a surplus of crops, resources, services and goods.
The Law of Free Earth – a view according to which we humans belong to this planet and not vice versa. All permanent residents of ecovillage are the custodians and guardians of this place, equal to each other and equal to the place.

Why ecovillage?
We consciously choose this kind of lifestyle because we care about our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, the planet, ecosystem… We are actively co-createing a natural, healthy and friendly world – here and now – the world of kindness, wisdom and harmony…

Barkowo Ecovillage is located in the area of ​​16 hectares in the village called Barkowo in the north-eastern part of Poland, in the Warmia and Mazury region, about 8 miles west of the town Gołdap and 7 miles south of the border with the Kaliningrad Oblast of the Russian Federation. This area is called the „Waning Masuria” or „Wild Masuria” and has a beautiful terrain and a huge wealth of wildlife. The air is considered to be the cleanest in Poland.

The land of ecovillage is directly bordering the Goldapa river, and great Kumiecie forest complex. In close vicinity there are also:
– Gołdap Lake: about 10 km east
– Romincka Primeval Forest: about 11 km east
– Borecka Primeval Forest: about 12 km south
– Szeske Hills: about 6 km southeast
– Audynieckie Hills: about 4 km west
– Klewinskie Hills: about 6 km west
– Skaliskie Forest: about 8 km west

Permanent residents
Year 2013 is the second pioneering year of our ecovillage project. Right now in ecovillage permanently live one 4-person family, which at the end of 2011, came here from Waszawy. Number of our local (and not just local) friends is growing up.

Become a volunteer or student
Every year, from early April to late September Barkowo Ecovillage is wide open for volunteers and students who want to expand their skills in selfsufficient, practical and healthy lifestyle.

Become a resident
The only requirement to become a permanent resident of Barkowo Ecovillage is consensual decision of the present inhabitants of the place, made ​​after one year probationary period, during which candidates reside, live and operate with us or in our close vicinity.

For more information contact Artur Jan Milciki: amilicki[@]gmail.com, mob. (+48) 504033509


2 responses to “Welcome to Barkowo Ecovillage.”

  1. 1 Hour Detox says :

    Based on the amount of comments, this really is definately a truly engaged subject. Everytime I return to this post there’s an interesting guest post better than many of the earlier ones.

  2. Emma says :

    First off, I wanted to really thank you for creating such a seemingly beautiful/safe/serene space for people to let go of attachments and self reflect at.
    My name is Emma, I live in South Florida. These past couple years have been an epic test of strife, loss, gains, and experience. I have finally come to the conclusion, through self reflection/meditation/writing/music, that I need to leave where I am at and do something better for myself. I want to live up to my potential and capacity. I want and need to make an impact on myself/others. I really am looking to live in a sustainable community. Whether it be working to have a place to stay, or anything. The only proposition at this point would be that I am only 16. My mother is super supportive of my choice. She doesn’t want me in Florida either. I have ceased attending my school courses. But, I can guarantee that I have learned much more just from my experiences and studying on my own. I am willing and able to visit you guys to check it out, but I really am hoping for this to be the right place. Something innately tells me so.
    Thanks for hearing me out, appreciate you all. – Emma


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